Covid 19

Emergency Referral Process

This page was last updated 23/03/2020





During the ongoing crisis we are aware that there may be difficulty with the normal referral process. If you are unable to get a voucher to your client then please follow these guidelines


New email address

This email is for emergency referrals only. For all other correspondence please use the usual email.

  1. No referrals will be accepted on any email address other than this one. Please use old email address for other matters.
  2. All email referrals must be from an official email address.
  3. Please provide full details in the email – as you would on a normal voucher
  4. Tell us if someone is coming to collect on their behalf. Everyone will be asked for ID
  5. Normal guidance about referrals apply. Genuine hardship cases only. Self isolation is not sufficient reason.
  6. Please wait until you have confirmation from us by email or telephone call before sending a client, otherwise they will be turned away.
  7. Please state the date they intend to come. We may not be able to help them if they do not come on the day arranged. A referral is valid for 3 working days only.
  8. Do not assume we will be open. Always check our website for details.
  9. We are currently unable to deliver
  10. New referrer? – check with us first
  11. Clients will be turned away if these procedures are not followed


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